Home Delivery

Our home delivery customers will tell you that the freshest and best tasting milk comes in glass bottles. We start with the very best milk from small family-owned dairy farms, which are committed to never injecting their cows with growth hormones. We pasteurize, homogenize and bottle the milk. Your milkman delivers it to your home and collects the empty bottles. The glass bottles are washed, sterilized and reused. No more plastic or cardboard containers finding their way into landfills.

Dahl’s Sunrise Dairy cares about the service we provide to our customers, it is important to us to provide service beyond our customer’s expectations. Take a look at what we have to offer and we’re sure once you try our service and products, you’ll understand that having a milkman deliver quality products is a wise choice. We deliver milk in most of the Arrowhead region. Babbitt, Ely, Virginia, Hibbing, Grand Rapids, and Duluth are some our cities.

Call 218-827-9999 for more information or to become a Dahl’s Sunrise Dairy customer.

If you’re not drinking Dahl’s Sunrise Dairy milk in glass bottles, you’ve forgotten what milk tastes like.

Minimum weekly delivery is 3 half gallons of milk and a proper place to leave the milk is required, a cooler or refrigerator accessible to your milkman will do.